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Harvest the power of the sun with Solar PV for a sustainable future for agriculture.

About Ashgrove

Since 2001 Ashgrove Renewables has been delivering high quality, low-carbon solutions throughout Ireland and the UK, with over 15,000 Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural projects completed.

Over the intervening two decades Ashgrove Renewables has built a market leading reputation based on four core principles:

  • Education of our clients on various elements of the project which will assist them in making informed decisions.
  • Marketing Leading Products
  • Emphasis on procedures and checklists at each stage of each project to eliminate risk.
  • Responsible after-sales care.

Our focus is on high quality installations & maximum efficiency. We also have a very reliable after sales team which is there to assist you over time in operating your system.

We have a large portfolio of projects ranging in size from 2kW to 2,500kW including Heat Pumps, CHPs & Solar PV.

Scientific Design

At Ashgrove Renewables each solar project gets fully designed, taking into account many factors:

  • Annual energy consumption of the building
  • Profile of energy consumption over 12 months
  • Profile over the typical week
  • Profile over a typical day
  • Location of the building
  • Orientation of the roof to the sun.
  • Roof space available
  • Shading
  • Permission to export surplus, limit etc.

Our design software will produce a report showing what we can expect from a system, in terms of capital investment and annual calculated savings.

The report will outline:

  • Ideal number of panels
  • Inverter Type
  • Battery type and size if necessary
  • Annual energy savings
  • Payback period / Breakeven

In order to do this accurately we would need at least one year of electricity bill information.

It’s time to put a stop to your home draining your wallet.

Ready to get started? The next step is to attend one of our Weekly Webinars. We’ll explain the entire process, cover the pros and cons of upgrading your home, walk you through the grants that are available,  and answer any questions you may have.

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